Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Am I funny --or what?

I. Don't know if this is a sign of maturity, by not caring what people think.  Is this an example of mental masturbation, where I can make myself laugh, no matter that my intended audience isn't laughing.  Is this simply an example of over valuing my own, somewhat depraved sense of humor.
What do you think?
I'm in Sweet Tomatoes salad etc. buffet line last night and nestled between the chick peas, and beets is a dish called Broccoli Madness.  I got back to the table and tell my wife and son that I had to adjust the sneeze guard in an effort to shield myself from the madness emanating from that casserole.  Got a small chuckle.
Went up for soup , thought about getting albondigas locas -aka crazy meatballs.  I went up to the manager and explained how generous it was for her to hire the handicapped.. I also asked her if strains of any other mental illness could be found in any of the entreesBetween albondigas locas and the broccoli madness I half expect to find the restaurant to change its name to McMurphy,s

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