Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Really gonna miss letterman

I've.always been a bit of a night owl.  That's a phrase that dates you, why don't I put on my cardigan and dry the dishes .  Being that member of the nocturnal bird family, though my neck turning radius. is much less than the requisite 270
degrees to be a full fledged member.  My love of potato chips is a mitigating factor..   I'm really going to miss David Letterman.  I've been a loyal follower the whole 33 years.  From the daytime show thru  chris Elliott, Larry bud nelman, Rupert g  , mujipour, stupid tricks, and his mom.  When Carson retired, you took the baton, I'm sure Colbert Will be just fine, but he won't be you.  I will have a Hot towel

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