Thursday, May 7, 2015

Living Frustratingly Well with Parkinson's

In the barren wasteland of class, culture and etiquette known as Florida, there does exist a distinct subculture dedicated to bringing themselves attention through various means of humiliation, stupidity and boorishness. 

 At least we get material to laugh at.  I sound so condescending , but its hard not to when the state bird is the Early, the state song is a cross between Southern Man, Hava Nagila and Guantanamera Otherwise known as" Won Ton Anne Meara"and the state flour is Gold Medal.

 I was waiting for the bus  (don't get me started)  it finally came, i slowly got myself off the bench , he slowly pulled away.   IThank you for helping me coin a new phrase for our transportation society Not a Bus Stop  but a Bus Slow 

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