Friday, May 1, 2015

My best teacher ever

PS. 115. 92 and L Canarsie  Brooklyn ny 1967
I remember her very vividly.  Her name was Beatrice Wolfus, and she was a wellspring of energy packed into a body that probably  was no taller than five feet.  I think half the class was taller than her--4th grade.
She was the Best teacher I ever had, that includes four years at Georgetown University where the jesuit philosophy highlights education.  Picture the opening scene to Annie hall.  Our classroom contained desks with inkwells that were nailed to the floor.  She used a teaching device called the daily drill.  It was a short quiz given every day regarding the prior days material.  We were pitted into teams, based on the nailed rows in the classroom.  At the End of the week, the team with the highest combined total was the winner and was excused from Monday nights homework.

She instilled in me the love of learning

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