Monday, May 25, 2015

Sung to the tune of piano man

It's 3 AM on a Sunday night
And I haven't slept 'cept a wink
It's time to check on my Facebook friends
I know that we all need a drink.

Memorial Day's like any other day
Sinemet, requip and stress
I woke up so stiff, not the fun way
I want to get out of this mess

La de Dah la de Dah Dah
Lah de Dah Dah de Dah

The original song named
Piano Man
Iconic that everyone knows
But what is a real estate novelist
And why put on a younger mans clothes

Who the fuck was this
Guy named parkinson
He is famous for  naming PD
Lou Gehrig, Alzheimer and mister crohn
Should all be replaced, and you'll see:

Disease should be named for the
Scientist, who cured it
Like Polio and pox
Sabin and Salk and Louis Pasteur
Let us soon  please add
Michael j fox
Are heroes for curing disease
Parkinson should never be said again

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