Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Anniversary you m@#$%^ing ailment.  I'm not even going to say disease and give you the satisfaction of being called something more dire.   Ailment sounds better, more treatable.  We, here among the PD rank and file, know that I'm just playing with semantics, but I'm not gonna tell you that.  We know that we're in this for the long haul, you're not going anywhere, but despite all the shaking, shuffling, freezing, drooling, medicine taking, lsvt session attending, Dancing for Pd, support grouping, fundraising, marriage damaging, drunk looking, finance destroying; I still say FUCK YOU.  You can't break me, you can't break us.  Tomorrow is my birthday, 58; today is the 8th anniversary of my diagnosis-that's right do the math I had a great 50th birthday present.  No matter, I still say FUCK YOU.
My attitude is like this:  I want to continue to look at you in my rear view mirror; as long as you stay the same distance behind me, I'm OK.  I know, objects in the mirror appear closer than they are, but don't speed up I'd rather not sprint, it's a marathon.
You see, ailment, the reason I can do this is that through the power of today's technology I have endless support from around the world.  You are just one; we have hundreds and thousands to lean on and gain strength from.  I now have friends from around the country and around the world that keep me strong; if my writing provides nothing more than a  brief moment to forget the disease, i'm thrilled;.  and it keeps me fresh on the task of dealing with you
Remember Blazing Saddles, when Gene Wilder as the waco kid  But i shoot with this hand   
I shoot with my good hand-and I will continue-I am tireless.

Yesterday, I posted a story that got many likes and comments
This is our army,you took on the wrong people.
Because what we lack in physical mobility etc.  we make up for with tenacity, focus,determination and intelligence-something that may not have existed or been highlighted without you putting your  cents in.  Don't get me wrong, I wish you hadn't come by, ;but now that your here, we're not gonna make it easy for you

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