Monday, August 31, 2015

The beetle wannabe

I live in a 6 story apartment house with a covered garage.  As is usual for garages, it is not the roomiest place to drive your car, you must drive slow, honk as you turn the corner, and park carefully as your car is invariably too big for the spot.
As you come down to the ground floor, the exit to the street is on the right , and on the left is a few more spaces capped off with a garage ending wall.The kind of wall that the Road Runner would have gone through; but no one else.

A few days ago I was waiting patiently with my groceries, while a Jeff Foxworthy/Larry the Cable Guy type was negotiating points 76-82 of his 82 point turn, trying to exit to the street in this vehicle:

As he was finishing up, with his window down, he muttered to me "I don't know how anyone lives in a place like this".(as if the four door luxury pick-up was standard government issue.)
The only retort I could think of would have been too ordinary  But the amount of internal laughter I've derived from this gem is enough for me.

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