Saturday, August 15, 2015

There are very few perks when it comes to Parkinson's disease so when you see one perhaps we will call it a silver lining you gotta grab it.  I was in New York City to see shakespeare in the park. it was the Tempest starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family.  Tickets are free but one has to wait usually 8 hours or 4 a.m. to get a ticket The Perk that i referred to afforded to those with disabilities allows you to wait on a special line for about 2 hours and if available get two tickets instead of yhe one on yhe regular line.  The best part of the entire process was the conversation amongst the people waiting for these special tickets.  I had a conversation with a man with the map of Italy on his face.  He looked like Robert De Niro or perhaps Robert De Niro's father.   We chatted for the whole 2 hours talking about his family in Brooklyn and The Bronx, wife ex wife, children, grandchildren.Trials and tribulations of city living; the odd jobs in his past driving a cab et cetera.  At noon the tickets were distributed and we parted ways.  We said that we would see each other that night and i asked him what his name was.  If he said Joe Pesci I would not have been surprised.  If he said Alex Rocco or Richard Castellano or Vinny Boombatz it would have made sense.  Almost apologetically he said. Joey Casino.  I was expecting a third name, like Abbodanza, but no, Joey Casino-it couldn't have been more perfect.

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