Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Anybody got any stories about their holiday weekend.  You're probably thinking to yourself, What the hell is he talking about.  Yesterday was" Talk Like a  Pirate Day. " I celebrated quietly at home , Judie fired up the cauldron, sharpened the scabbard,drank a little too much rum, and we both then heaved some ho and got to bed early.

why do we celebrate criminal activity with the holiday ? it may sound  like  it is relatively  harmless with grown men seeing aargh but talking like a pirate could also be walk the plank and give me all your money  and don't touch my hook  should we be Prizzi other criminal activity with sayings like  give me a match for the arsonist or go ahead and wire the funds for embezzlement  speech week..  I think we  should just speak  English

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