Monday, September 28, 2015

Dali was a surrealist...

I am living in a parallel universe. On October 2, this Friday night, I will be reading from my book at books and books in coral gables.  Mitchell kaplan, the founder, owner, and friend has helped to make this a reality.  I have been to hundreds of book events in my life, I find that authors, no matter their genre, exude intelligence, and I'm just hoping for a little runoff.  This time I'm going to be the wise one, with the sharpies, inscribing my signature on their newly purchased copy.  
I remember after my first promotion at coopers and lybrand 1980, and I was supposed to now review work of people who were my peers the day before.  I thought that I was going to be a fraud and unable to be detect the same errors that I was just making.  The truth is that it came down to perspective.  Today I don't feel fraudulent, nor ill equipped but I know that from my new perspective, I'll have answers to questions that I was asking yesterday.  

But to quote David Byrne. "My God how did I get here"

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