Thursday, September 3, 2015

The golden age of television

People are calling this the golden age of television.  Mad men breaking bad, probably some other alliterative titles.

Growing up in ny in the sixties provided the greatest variety of TV programming in the country.
New 5
Wor 9
Pix 11

And with such a paucity of channels to watch you would think that the shows would be great fighting for such few spots

Let's see
My mother the car. Ann southern playing a 1928 porter car
F troop politically incorrect treatment of native Americans. Starring the hickah wee tribe(we're the heck are we)
Petticoat junction green acres and. Mayberry rfd.  Cbs had only one soundstage so three sitcoms about the same thing made sense all in and around hooterville.  Nice name
The munsters and Addams family. 2 shows about monsters.
Best show. Get smart

And of course hee haw

Today's largesse seems counterintuitive,  so many outlets and shows. But somehow it works

Any golden age of television would have to include the larry Sanders show.  Rip torn is amazing. Go see it now on crackle TV

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