Monday, September 14, 2015

 The kinetic energy that is caused by the tremors of Parkinson's can power the lights of a small village. The government has no intentions of finding a cure,  it wants to sell this power to third world countries. I think that if everyone with a tremor would assemble in one area, we can hold the world hostage for fear of throwing the earth off of its axis. obviously dementia has set in or I've got too much time on my hands.  

We could come up with a list of demands:

1 the word, "shake" should be banned  and a new word created in its place: Grepps
    Thus a Chocolate milkshake becomes a Chocolate Milkgrepps
    Shake rattle and Roll becomes Grepps, Rattle and Roll

And so on

2-Drooling is no longer a social taboo, but a hygiene habit to be celebrated-Spittoons are resurrected and distributed with your social security card.

3 Falling down for no apparent reason is the basis of a new reality show,Project Sidewalk  "Black and Blue marks be damned"  (Crashing with the Kardashians?)

2 Carry a bag of vomit with you so that the next time  you are accused of being drunk, slur your speech and throw the vomit bag in their direction

1 Vibrators are illegal. There are many unemployed men with severe tremors, who would love that job, besides the savings on batteries would help the economy and ease global warming

If you remember the movie Bananas, Woody Allen as the new dictator of san marcos demands that all people under the age of 16 are now 16, and that the official language of san marcos is now swedish-  
i think our demands are reasonable

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