Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yesterday, my day was made by 7:30

 Craig marks is a  general  personal trainer with a subspecialty of movement disorders .   The equipment in the studio is ordinary,  it's a little tricky to find the studio the first time you're looking,  every once in a while you might see out the back window  a reptile that you might like to make a pair of shoes out of .

Make no mistake  however ,  once inside you will find a true professional who provides nothing but the best therapies for people with Parkinson's and the general public

 As important as the physical aspect of his training is the atmosphere that is  created by craig.   It Is this atmosphere that has allowed a friendship to develop between myself and Bob Schwartz .   bob is  approximately 73 years old, slight of build, slighter of hair, and large of heart.  His musical taste runs all the way from Fred Astaire to Doris Day.   I don't think that the morning ride at soul cycle pounds cheek to cheek

Yesterday, he said to me that he laughs as much before 8, while at the gym with me, than he does the rest of his day.  Sharing the credit with craig, you could hardly pay me a better compliment.   I don't even know if Reader's Digest still exists but I do remember in doctors offices that laughter was called the best medicine    That is wrong prednisone is the best medicine  The second best medicine  is laughter.   Where else can One dose help multiple people,  the people at the insurance companies, working on the formularies just had their own coronaries

I doubt that we'll ever see a an Rx pad say Watch Louis CK live at the Beacon, or listen to Woody Allen the nightclub years or go see the book of Mormon .  And I'm certainly not suggesting substituting humor for medicime.   I do know that Bob and I  are doing pretty well,  and laughterr has to help

Man walks into psychiatrists office, sez, "doctor no one pays any attention to me", doctor says, "Next!"

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