Thursday, November 5, 2015

Culture and technology

A few years back there was an SNL skit that, in a non-racist way highlighted a big cultural difference between the habits of whites and African Americans.
The premise is that we're at a city community pool, and the city's day camps use this pool recreationally. It's now approaching the end of the day and the counselors are trying to call their kids to get on the bus to go home.  I forget who the actors were, but it could have been david spade and Tim meadows (you figure out who was each group's counselor).  

Amy, Johnny Scott Seth, billy, Michael Katy, Caitlyn jennifer yells david spade .
Tim meadows yells shaniqua, polenta, Ta Tanisha, Loquicia, Advil, Motrin, Chiquita,  Senufa, momentum!

Today, in a 21 century technology display of  20 th century cultural differences, a black girl in a crowded waiting room pulls out her phone; and using the phone's voice activation software feature , calls her friend by holding the phone horizontally near her mouth, but away from her head and says. Very loudly CALL SHENUVIA

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