Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Edge wise ?

.all of us have said it, but why.  Perhaps it makes us look smarter than we are; no.  Maybe it is just a silly pet peeve of mine that will encourage people to tell me to shut up.  My guess is that is an anachronism that people refuse let go of.  
I'm talking about the word edgewise.  
You know the situation.  Person 1 is very talkative, to the point where my ears begin to cry.  He is infatuated with the sound of his own voice, you could probably start screaming in tongues while he was speaking, and he wouldn't even notice that you weren't paying attention.  While he is running on his plethora of sentences, your friends walk behind him and make obscene gestures for your enjoyment but not his.  After a couple of hours (more like 10 minutes) trying unsuccessfully situation
,to extricate yourself from this hell, you kick him in the nuts.  After he finishes puking, he finally struggles back to his feet, removes his hands from his lower abdomen, and goes right back to his so called story, now aimed at a different  partygoer.  

The next day, at the office water cooler, real or virtual, you are telling. Person 3 about this conversation you say jim wouldn't shut up ,"I COULDN'T GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE".here is my issue, couldn't that sentence end at   In.  How many ways can you get a word in,What does edgewise bring to the table.  When is the word used in another  Situation.  I clearly am up too late'

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