Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hca hospital propaganda

Big Brother is not only watching you by permeating the most intimate details of your life in a way that no big brother would do, he is violating you in a way that the pizza delivery boy or pool guy would do to Linda Lovelace or Marilyn chambers.    

I was in the emergency room last night at 1 AM with a cough and pain that I was fearful might have been New Monia.  (Gotta love spell check's Italian geographical  bias).  My fears were accurate, pneumonia it is.  They didn't tell me until I was in a room and IVd.  When I asked to see the doctor. He already went home.  I guess you don't need doctors between 2-6 am

At 6 am I wanted to watch morning joe on msnbc.  Not available!  Fox and friends was available.  Getting political propaganda while at your weakest is tantamount to fascism.  I'm going to leave the hospital breathing clearly but voting for huckabee

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