Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A day from heck

I can't find my keys
I can't find my glasses
I can't find my wallet
I can't find my phone I
Where is my left shoe
Where is my Dick!

I went 50 years without losing a thing
Now I'm uncle billy!

Part of it is age, mostly our friend parkie
Today I thought my phone was in my car Judie's school.
After 1.5 hours by bus, would have been 15 minutes by car, ..not there.

Went to the pharmacy I was at last night another bus trek

when I got home I found the  phone under a seat cushion. It was not there the first time I looked there

At one of my bus transferr I froze .. In front of abus bench housing a 499 lb man he was large of belly  and short of deodorant. 

After I said good morning, he said please don't fall on me, I won't be able to catch you.  It's amazing the variety of places where the body can derive motivation.  I promise ...I didn't fall but I continue to see segments of society that was heretofore invisible to me.   Not a bad. thing.

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