Sunday, February 21, 2016

Let's think about this for a second.  This week in presidential politics, we had a Jew win a primary, a woman win a caucus, a Bush not win a primary or caucus, and an isolationist win a primary.  None of these can hold a candle to the fact that the Pope weighed in with his anti-Christian criticism of Donald Trump.  Yes, the man who made popular the phrase, "You're fired" is running to be our Employer-in-Chief; and the Holy Father himself doesn't think that's such a good idea.

There is a blurry line  separating church and state that our founding fathers so brilliantly wove into our Founding Documents.  Thus the comment should not even be heard, but you can't unhear something.  Because the media is so powerful now, this has become a much larger a story than it deserved;Our history is strewn with other examples of religious leader's comments about our political personalities.

In 1813, when the war of 1812 started, (we misnamed that war by ourselves) Pope Innocent I helped campaign for James Madison's second term.  Dolly was busy at the factory making cupcakes, his brother Oscar was making a mess of his NY apartment that he shared with Mr. Unger, and his sister Ashley was just a little too social.  The Pontiff was trying to drum up support for a new running mate, as the Veep during his first term,  George Clinton, (that is true) died in office.  Madison picked Eldridge Gerry while Innie, so nicknamed for his belly button, wanted Eldridge, Gerry.  Thiis was not just a punctuation difference.!  Ultimately, gerry was the veep.

In 1841, William Henry Harrison our ninth and greatest President was elected.  He was from the Whig Party, a precursor to the Thoupees, and died 1 month after the inauguration.  Pope Irving, there to administer the oath, told Billy Hank, right at the swearing in to "Put on your coat, it's cold and rainy."   He caught a cold that day, and was dead one month later.  Controversial advice at the time,. borne out as wise in retrospect.

The Catholics don't have a monopoly on church state blurry line crossing.  The Great rebbe Schneerson, said about Jimmy Carter, What a putz!

We can't forget the time when the Dalai Lama told Rutherford B Hayes to go fuck himself.

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